At first it was gaming, fractals, unexplored virtual worlds, science fiction.
Then we moved to
algorithms, coding, sleepless nights, successes, failures, perseverance, innovative solutions,

The digital germs have become more and more ingrained in us.

In 2006 we teamed up under the name of Diginesis where we focused on software development. We became very good at it but most of the software we developed had very little interaction with the physical world.

Being able to control what was going on inside or on the screen of a computer was very captivating for a while and even though computers took different shapes and sizes our work was still captive inside a computer. We wanted something more, we wanted to see our work taking shape into the real world.

One day we came across a video showing a guy building and flying his own FPV multirotor.

It felt like seeing all our passions realized into one single object. It was an object we could build ourselves, play with it, fly it, program it, tune it, race with it, .. it was truly a revelation.

One month later we had our own multirotor (drone) and then another and another and another (click on the links to see them).

We felt the need to share with others what we saw and felt which lead us to create where we were yet to discover new passions that we didn't even know we had inside us: the passion for creating beautiful imagery and the passion for raising feelings in those who watched our work.

These new passions made us almost forget about the fact that most of us were merely some boring software engineers. But those years of boring software engineering when coupled with our new passions enabled us to do things that others couldn't.